Integrate ASL recognition directly into your app or software

SignAll SDK enables sign language users to interact and communicate with your products in their own language.

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Benefits of SignAll SDK

Reach wider audiences by implementing and integrating sign language recognition into your applications. SignAll SDK offers easy-to-implement tools for increasing accessibility of your products.

Engage Deaf users

Be the first in your industry to show appreciation to the Deaf Community by letting them use their first language when using your app.

Attract their families and friends

Allies of the Deaf community display loyalty to services which prioritize accessibility and inclusion in their products.

Show that you care

Lead the way and set an example to other businesses in offering accessible solutions to the Deaf community.

Efficiency and ease of use

The SDK runs on devices so it doesn’t require internet access. When you expect input from the user, you call our program through an API. The SDK starts watching the user to recognize input and provide it back to your app through the API in quasi real-time.

The SignAll SDK provides fingerspelling recognition (recognition of the ASL alphabet) to enter names, IDs, type into search fields, etc. Additional sets of ASL signs and phrases can be selected to trigger functions such as:

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Customizable from 3000+ signs

If your product requires more in-depth processing for understanding and translating full ASL sentences, please check out SignAll Chat. Unlike SignAll Chat, SignAll SDK is able to run on any device without additional hardware.

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Technical Requirements

Any supported device with a front-facing camera with min. 640 x 480 resolution and 30 fps.

Supported Platforms

Windows 10