Product Features

  • 1 : 1 Communication hearing / Deaf individual
  • Translation of American Sign Language (ASL) to English. Full ASL recognition including non-manual markers and ASL grammar (not Signed Exact English)
  • Recognition of spoken English
  • Chat UI that displays the conversation for both parties
  • Education component teaches sign laungage vocabulary to hearing users
    Learn more about SignAll in education

SignAll 1.0 is the first product in the world that enables spontaneous communication between the d\Deaf and hearing individuals via automated ASL translation technology.

The system is installed statically in an office, a customer service desk, in a meeting room, etc. Using it, the d\Deaf and hearing party can communicate via on-screen chat dialogue using ASL and verbal language.

The d\Deaf person wears a pair of gloves and signs, the colors on the gloves help the technology to differentiate the fingers. The hearing person uses voice, the speech is picked up by an automatic speech recognition system.


Desk / Tabletop System

A desktop setup
  • Can be installed on an existing desk or tabletop (at least 5’ wide and 2’6” deep)
  • Requires small space as it could be added to an existing desk/workstation
  • The system is sensitive to light, including direct sunlight; the backdrop should be free of people and objects.

Privacy Booth

A booth setup
  • Stand alone booth
  • Can be permanently installed or mobile
  • Provides privacy
  • Fewer environmental limitations
  • Space / overall footprint is larger than for a tabletop version: requires minimum 8’ x 10’ office space.
SignAll - Welcome-center-scenario


  • Cameras / camera mounts (desktop version)

  • Customized lighting (desktop version)

  • PC

  • Monitor

  • Touchscreen / Tablet

  • Peripherals

The booth is complete with all hardware installed.

  • Initial sets provided at the time of installation.  Additional gloves are available at any time.

  • 5 different sizes available

  • Lycra, machine washable

System requirements

Pictogram gadgets
  • Wired Internet Connection

  • AC Power

User requirements

Pictogram Working at a computer
  • Both users (hearing and Deaf) must have an intermediate knowledge of written English
  • The Deaf user should use clear ASL,
    avoiding regional signs
  • Avoid clothing that is:
    • Extremely colorful
    • Excessive clothing (coats, layers)
    • Oversized jewelry (bracelets)
    • Hats that shade or occlude the face

Installation / pilot program

We are currently offering the system to selected business to participate in our exclusive pilot program:

  • Organizations with the goal to improve accessibility for your Deaf employees or customers

  • Deaf individuals who are interested in our technology are encouraged to talk with their employers and work together to apply for a pilot

  • Locations in the US or in Canada

Find out how SignAll can increase accessibility in your organization