Winner of CES Awards 2016!

SignAll won the national round of Central European Startup Awards in the Best Social Impact Startup category.

It started all with someone having nominated us in this category. Then, we were notified about SignAll being among the shortlisted startups. The winners of each category were announced on October 27, 2016 in the frame of a startup meetup, where the participants had the opportunity to meet and talk with the most significant members of the national startup ecosystem.

The Best Social Impact Startup category had nominees that are working on products or services that have a positive impact on society’s life. It was nice to see that this category had the biggest number of candidates, all contributing to creating a better world.

Every category had numerous innovative candidates who deserved to be there, and it was our pleasure to share our mission and thoughts with like-minded, enthusiastic people.

The winners of other categories, with whom we could share our pride and joy, are Synetiq, Veronika Pistyur, Day One Capital, Thingblox, Shinrai, Codeberry Programming School, L’Office, DesignTerminal TechLab,, and Black Riddles Studio.

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