Webit – a world class event packed with fabulous programs

WEBIT was a two day event organized in Sofia, Bulgaria, that brought together more than 5,000 participants from 80+ countries. SignAll’s CEO was invited to join the event and to hold a speech on the main stage at the ‘Digital Transformation Summit’.

Mr Zsolt Robotka spoke about ‘Goodbusiness’, which is a new term introduced by an author at TechChrunch for businesses that are in the intersection of high return and huge social impact.

“Running a goodbusiness is elating. We have only one life and we should spend it wisely – so I do believe that the best minds of our age should work on impact-driven projects instead of trading algorithms and advertisement technologies” said Mr Zsolt Robotka, SignAll’s CEO. Linking the speech to SignAll, he added “we will deliver the first scalable technology to the market through a lucrative business model, but we are going to have a positive impact on the lives of millions as well”.

To make the experience even better, our work was also recognized with a beautiful award for the ‘Best use of digital for accessibility & inclusion 2017’.

Thank you for the organizers for the opportunity and for the fabulous event! See you next year!

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