The SignAll Learn system at FASLTA2020 conference: how was it?

Around 250 ASL teachers from Florida and other states attended a presentation and tested SignAll’s system at the FASLTA 2020 conference, which took place in Jacksonville last weekend.

The most action-packed event was an hour-long presentation. To start, Jesada Pua, SignAll’s ASL Expert, introduced the company and its products, advantages, and impact the ASL learn system makes, based on the usage data and feedback from the fall 2019 semester. Two of SignAll’s partners –  ASL professors Jessica Marie Minor and Tracy Knight– took the stage to share their own experiences of using the system. Both ASL professors shared their testimonials with case stories, describing how exactly SignAll impacted and influenced their classes, adding what students think about the system. At the end, the team held a Q&A session, during which all presenters answered the audience’s challenging questions.

SignAll Team at FASLTA - two men standing near a banner
Zsolt Robotka, CEO and Jesada Pua, Asl Expert at SignAll Technologies
It was rewarding to observe a genuine interest in the system. The most common questions were whether the system can be individual and home-based to serve for remote ASL learning. Also, the flexibility of the curriculum was the matter of many questions. – The answer is yes, it is one of the system’s advantages that it’s adjustable to any teaching plan, no matter how unique,

– commented Jesada Pua, ASL expert at SignAll Technologies.

SignAll booth at FASLTA2020
a line of ASL teachers interested in the SignAll ASL Learn system

On top of exhibiting the high-tech system for learning ASL, SignAll collected ASL teachers’ input on the way classes are organized, holding a raffle with an iPad as the prize.

It was amazing to observe people’s interest in this product that has become our child. It is the real happiness to see that automatization of learning ASL makes ASL teachers’ and students’ lives so much easier,  

- underlined Zsolt Robotka, CEO SignAll Technologies.

Three ASL experts standing close together and smiling
Tracy Knight, Jesada Pua and Jessica Minor at FASLTA 2020

Enjoy a 30-second video report on our Facebook page.

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