Test your ASL progress at SignAll Online

New and exciting update! Learn and test your ASL progress at SignAll Online!

Nothing short of a holiday present to users, at the very beginning of 2021, the SignAll team released a quiz feature that reviews all available ASL units. The quiz will test only the signs that were covered during the last lesson.

After each quiz, students can view their score and identify which words need additional review before moving on to the next lesson. For individual users, the feedback will serve for better understanding what signs they memorized and will point to signs that require more effort for ensuring their place in memory.

For school partners using Online, teachers will be able to monitor their students' progress, making quizzes a perfect homework activity or practice exercise for out-of-class review.

SignAll Online is an online ASL library that includes more than 100 lessons of ASL 1 and ASL 2 levels together, focusing on ASL signs, digits, letters, and simple phrases. In December, the number of registered users reached 1 000. The signs are carefully selected and tailored to academic curricula, so can be used in conjunction with the majority of academic ASL courses for levels 1 and 2.

SignAll Online can be used alone or together with SignAll Learn Lab - an offline workstation that offers an interactive ASL learning and practicing. SignAll Lab supplements ASL classes all over the USA.   
Can the platform work for you too?  - Check it out!

Screenshot of quiz secrion: an ASL expert shows a sign for grey color
Screenshot of quiz secrion: an ASL expert shows a sign for purple color
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