"Smooth cross-communication was my dream"

An interview with the first SignAll technology user in honor of GAAD

In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), we interviewed Derek Frank, who was the first person to test our automated sign language translation technology, SignAll Chat, and soon after joined our team. Derek was born deaf and his first language is ASL.

About daily frustrations

I was usually frustrated and very angered that we had to downgrade our communication in order for us to understand each other as usual in stores, daily activities, or any workplace. Over time, I got used to it because, well, this is (unfortunately) what life is like for Deaf people.

But then, I became forgetful of my own primary language and our access is very low compared to others, so I am becoming more frustrated and frustrated that we do not have any other way to bridge the gap of communication. It's been too long and we are falling behind with technology and I am grateful that SignAll is working very hard to ensure there is accessibility equality for us.

Addressing the current situation.

SignAll develops crucial solutions to improve communication between hearing and the Deaf/HoH. Even now, many Deaf/HoH people rely on writing or typing to communicate with hearing people, which means we are unable to use our native language for everyday tasks.

Automated translation is needed. It gives a choice for all Deaf people to communicate in their primary language. Many of us face barriers such as high costs or unavailability of interpreters, (the pricing can be ridiculous!) Additionally, based on my experience, interpreters may have their own communication preferences to which clients have to adapt.

Another important outcome of this technology is decreasing or even mitigating social inequality related to communication. With further development and increased usage, SignAll Chat has the potential to revolutionize the way Deaf/HoH and hearing people interact with each other.

About joining SignAll

I joined SignAll because I am passionate about the product. With the help of this technology, people can communicate more naturally, regardless of their aural status. I also anticipate that SignAll Chat will encourage Deaf to exceed their potential. With the system’s capacities, everyone has equal opportunities for personal fulfillment.

We can unite as one to break down current societal barriers. Since I joined two years ago, it has been easy for me to stay committed to SignAll. It’s because I see the huge potential of this technology, which is greatly needed by the Deaf.

About doubts and hopes

I have been dreaming about smooth cross-communication with the hearing population using my native sign language. Sadly, I always thought the mission was impossible. Making this happen would require immense efforts and incredible investments. Therefore, I was absolutely sure that such a revolution would not happen in my lifetime. I could not even dream to witness a change like this.

This all changed when I was a Gallaudet student and SignAll came into the picture. I saw and tested the system myself, and it reignited my hopes. SignAll helped me to dream even bigger and is turning my dreams of equal access and ability into reality.  

Find out about the automated translation system SignAll Chat

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