SignAll was granted membership of the Social Stock Exchange

The Social Stock Exchange (SSX) has announced on October 3rd 2017, that SignAll Technologies has been approved as a member following the ratification of its impact report by the independent Admissions Panel.

About SSX

The London-based SSX is not a traditional stock exchange, it is much more a startup supporting community, the most prominent partner of which is the NEX Exchange that provides SME’s with fundraising opportunities. Admission is granted based on the theme of development instead of size and profitability.

The purpose of the stock exchange is to provide investors with investment opportunities, for whom it is important to invest in companies providing solutions to social or environmental problems. Both privately owned and public companies can apply for admission to access the so called impact investor network through the SSX.

Membership granting is, however, preceded by rigorous screening, with less than half of the candidates on average meeting the criteria.

Advantages of SSX membership

The Social Stock Exchange, as a themed stock market, allows only companies working on solving environmental or social problems in their own trading system, thus enabling them to raise funds and to enter stock exchange later on.

SignAll’s presence on SSX is an excellent opportunity that facilitates the company’s vision and mission to be well known. We hope that this milestone contributes to further fundraising and that once we will be able to operate as a public company. SignAll is currently working on forming full transparency, which will be a necessary condition for a future public release.

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