SignAll Tours the West Coast of the US

SignAll´s team has been on the road introducing its sign language translation system and advocating for inclusive workspaces.

The SignAll 1.0 system was developed to recognize sign language by using computer vision and AI. It is the world’s first successful sign language translation technology and takes into account three necessary elements of sign language: hand shapes, body movements, and facial expressions.

Mihály Pintér, Chief Strategy Officer, attended the San Francisco Tech Expo. The expo served as a great opportunity to connect with various organizations who are interested in extending employment opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Another important stop was at the California State University Northridge (CSUN) in Los Angeles, where Mihály met with colleagues from the Deaf Studies Department and the Instructional Technologies Board. SignAll is developing a new ASL tutoring system which was central to their discussion at the university. This system allows students to learn and practice ASL while getting real-time feedback on their signing. SignAll is looking forward to a successful partnership with CSUN in the future.

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