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SignAll Technologies launched an ASL Learn Lab at Boeing

The companies met at an event aimed at introducing tech start-ups to well-established companies. The event was organized by the Consulate of Hungary in Los Angeles. SignAll piqued the interest of Boeing’s manager of the International Strategic Partnership department, and an exploratory meeting was later scheduled. “Interest in ASL is booming in the US. More and more schools offer American Sign Language courses for credit. Forbes refers to the Ivy League to exemplify that ASL is mainstream. No wonder the corporate sector seeks opportunities to ride the wave,” shares Marton Kajtar, Project Manager and Senior Researcher at SignAll Technologies.

“Although 2020 was challenging for many businesses, SignAll’s flexibility allowed us to reestimate our markets and adjust the system to the needs of socially responsible companies which prioritize accessibility and inclusion. The cooperation with another large-scale organization* is a great outcome. We know that our AI-powered technology, SignAll Learn Lab, will enrich the ASL learning experience of Boeing employees,” said Zsolt Robotka, CEO at SignAll Technologies.
“We saw this as a great opportunity to partner with SignAll to provide Boeing employees with a new resource that promotes learning and inclusion, while also supporting our industrial participation commitments in Hungary” shared Boeing’s  International Strategic Partnerships analyst Kennedy Donnelly. Boeing was able to install the technology at their office in Mesa, Arizona. The system was assembled in 2020, and employees have had the opportunity to use the SignAll Learn Lab to learn and practice ASL.
Donnelly is enthusiastic about the results, noting that "the SignAll Lab is a great resource for people to practice ASL, especially since there is an emphasis on proper hand formation, body language, and facial expressions. As an intermediate ASL learner, I loved using the lab to learn new signs and to practice." 

*At the end of 2020, SignAll announced its agreement with Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Innovation (DT ITSI) to provide the same service for employees in their Budapest office.

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