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SignAll teaches Deutsche Telekom American Sign Language

In December, SignAll Learn Lab was launched in an office of Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions (DT-ITS). The system will be used for teaching American Sign Language (ASL) to employees in the company’s Budapest office. The 12-month contract includes a license to the ASL Learn software and is complemented by courses and training on ASL and Deaf culture. These courses are to be offered by Deaf team member of SignAll Technologies and Deaf rights advocate Jesada Pua.

This is a big milestone for SignAll, it opens a new market - ASL for business outside of the USA. This is also a big day for businesses, even more so for Hungarian businesses - they prove to be more focused on inclusion.

"We met with Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions’ Innovation department during  EIT Digital Budapest Node in 2019. DT-ITS’ following market research proved that SignAll is the only company that offers interactive  AI-powered ASL learning,”

commented Mihaly Pinter, Chief Strategy  Officer at SignAll Technologies. After the first meeting, DT-ITS’ team attended a live demo at SignAll. They were impressed by the system’s capabilities and fell in love with Deaf culture.

“I think some might call it a perfect match,”

adds Pinter.

This cooperation opens new horizons for both companies. For DT-ITS, this  cooperation proves its leadership not only in innovation and tech, but  also in their social sensitivity and focus on inclusion. For SignAll  Technologies, this partnership opens a new market -- a worldwide  business sector. American Sign Language can be used as a team-building  activity for making a company more inclusive and as part of its corporate social responsibility.

This is also a breakthrough for sign languages and human rights. A German company’soffice in Hungary is eager to learn ASL. The world is becoming increasinglyglobal. Sign languages are being put in line with spoken languages, paving theway for greater inclusion and promoting accessibility.

Profile: Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions is a subsidiary of the Deutsche Telekom Group and is the largest ICT employer in Hungary. Established in 2006, the company provides a wide portfolio of IT and telecommunications services with more than 4500 employees. DT-ITS was awarded with the “Best in Educational Cooperation” prize by HIPA in 2019, acknowledged as one of the most attractive workplaces by PwC Hungary’s independent survey and rewarded with the title of the “Most Ethical Multinational Company” in 2019. The company continuously develops its four sites in Budapest, Debrecen, Pécs and Szeged and is looking for skilled IT professionals to join its team.

A young woman is signing "pick up" in ASL, repeating after a  ASL expert with SignAll learn Lab
A young woman is signing "like" in ASL, repeating after a  ASL expert with SignAll Learn Lab
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