SignAll Learn offers lessons for ASL II

This quarter, SignAll Learn added an ASL II course to its curriculum. This is the result of combined efforts from SignAll’s developers, designers, product managers, ASL linguists and ASL experts, who created and tested another ASL learn level for the SignAll curriculum.

This new level includes 47 lessons and is composed of almost 400 signs. The major difference between ASL I and ASL II is the vocabulary. The lessons in ASL I focus on words related to studying, as well as commonly used words like greetings, questions, and introductions. Lessons in ASL II are more sophisticated and include objects outside of the classroom, like home or outdoors, together with abstract terms. Both levels of the ASL Learn system can be used in conjunction with popular books and curriculums.

 “I keep in touch with users on a regular basis, and while they really love the experience, we are always looking for ways to improve the product. We aspire to provide the most value for those who learn ASL and their teachers. Among these improvements, we’ve introduced a new naming system for all ASL lessons, instead of simply numbering them. This was not an easy task for the copywrite and design teams, as each lesson required an eloquent name and unique illustration. Still, this was a rewarding initiative and we’ve already received positive feedback from the users. Students can also earn various “achievements” based on their performance in lessons and activities. We hope that changes like these make the learning experience even more pleasant.”

– Fabian Puls, Product Manager at SignAll Technologies.

ASL II menu in SignAll Learn System - a class supplement for learning ASL

The new ASL II level is already available for current partners. We keep  on collecting feedback and adding new features. Keep in touch to get  more fresh news.

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