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SignAll launches Classroom, an ASL video library for everyone

To support classrooms which have moved online, SignAll is releasing its ASL 1 and ASL 2 video libraries. They combined include over 100 lessons.

Three major reasons to use it:

  1. SignAll’s lessons can be used independently or in conjunction with the most popular ASL curricula.
  2. ASL teachers will have free access to the library which can be shared with their students.
  3. The library is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Important note: SignAllLearn is a sophisticated product used in language labs and ASL classrooms. Without the properhardware, these online lessons exclude features which use our sign recognitiontechnology.

What other advantages does the website have?

  • Allows     students to continue to practice ASL after class, at home, or on the go
  • Choose     guided lessons or ad-hoc learning
  • Includes ASL     vocabulary, fingerspelling, and numbers
  • Games and     fingerspelling recognition tasks will be available in the next release.
ASL learn media library website picure
“Transitioning toa 100% online classroom isn’t easy, especially for a highly communicative andvisual subject like ASL. We had many requests from teachers looking forimmediate solutions to empower their students at home. These requests touchedour hearts, and we worked around the clock to move our ASL 1 and ASL 2 videolibrary online,”

explained Jesada Pua, ASL expert at SignAll Technologies.

“It’s importantto underline that SignAll’s flagship product, SignAll Learn, is based on signrecognition technology and therefore requires high-tech equipment. This onlinesolution does not provide an interactive response to signing, but still allowsfor additional learning and practicing,”

said David Palhazi, Chief OperationsOfficer at SignAll Technologies.

ASL teachers will have free access at least until September.
To request access, kindly visit our page at After the registration, you will receive a personalized link to share with your students.

The access is open to anyone. When registering, you may select the option “student” for a person, affiliated with any academic institution, or “other” for those, who do not study ASL in a high school, college or university.

Company profile
SignAll Technologies is a pioneer in sign language technology, employing computer vision and artificial intelligence for a range of solutions to recognize and interpret signs.

Products. Developing the complex technology, we have focused our efforts on two core products which are currently available on the market: 
SignAll Learn an interactive solution for supplementing ASL classes.  It allows users to learn, practice, review a wide variety of signs, and  provides real-time feedback on the accuracy of their signing. The system  already contains more than 100 full lessons for ASL 1 and ASL 2 levels;  the total number of signs is almost 700 and keeps increasing. Games and  practicing tools boost engagement and joy, stimulating users’ learning process. The system is already used nationwide in higher education organization.

SignAll Chat is an automated translation software and hardware which translates American Sign Language into any spoken language.  SignAll Chat is advantageous in two major use-cases.

Case 1. Accessible services (Deaf customer, hearing operator).  Serving deaf customers at business, public and non-profit organizations  - translating between a hearing employee and a deaf\HoH visitor.

Case 2. Inclusive workplaces (Deaf operator, hearing companion). A deaf employee communicates with hearing non-signers, using the system.
Team. The truly international team is a mix of the deaf and hearing – all are signers –working out of the U.S. and Budapest. 

Fundraising and partnerships. The company has secured investments in two rounds, bringing its total capital raised to date to almost USD 4 million. 

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