SignAll launches Ace ASL app: AI will help to learn sign language

Continuing the course on employing the SignAll’s technology for mobile and online solutions, the company launches its first mobile application for learning American Sign Language (ASL.) AI-empowered solution enables users to practice ASL receiving a feedback on their signing immediately.  The system uses a camera to recognize and assess users’ signing.

Ace ASL app is based on the same sign recognition technology that enables automated and spontaneous translation between American Sign Language and English. The mobile application is the first ASL learning app to provide real-time feedback on signing.

"When it comes to spoken languages, there are many apps that allow users to practice their pronunciation and get immediate feedback from the app. However, this functionality was unimaginable for learning sign languages. The mobile application enables interactive learning of fingerspelling and practicing fingerspelling recognition as the first step. We plan to extend the functionality and offer more apps for more and more complex learning. We see the particular importance of the news in approximating equality for languages. Placing sign languages on the level of verbal languages is a part of SignAll’s mission.” - Said Zsolt Robotka, CEO SignAll Technologies.

The application includes a learning section, structured as units. Quizzes at the end of each unit allows for quick and easy self-assessment. The “Free Practice” section provides users a chance to practice their expressive and receptive fingerspelling skills. Receptive practice improves users’ ability to recognize fingerspelling from others in three speeds: easy, medium and advanced. The “Challenge” section is for confident users to practice what they’ve learned. It is built with a growing level of complexity. Successful results unlock following levels.

Ace ASL is available in the App Store for iOS devices starting from April 1, 2021. Development for Android is underway and is expected to be available in the Google Play Store in the coming months.

We welcome journalists and bloggers to test the application on iOS. Contact us, introducing yourself, your role, and the media outlet you work with. You will receive a personal code to get advanced access to all of the app’s functions.

Historical summary:

In 2017, SignAll introduced the prototype for an automated system for real-time translation from ASL to English, that was later known as SignAll Chat. In 2019, the company offered SignAll Learn Lab – a combination of software and hardware resulting in an interactive workstation that supplements ASL classes. The Lab utilizes a set of cameras for providing immediate and accurate feedback on users’ signing. In2020, responding to the rapid changes in daily lives, SignAll began developing online and mobile solutions on top of a range of sophisticated technological offline products. The company has successfully created a single-camera and camera-agnostic solution that allowed for extending the product line to mobile solutions while preserving the same level of accuracy.  In April 2020, the company introduced an online catalogue for education, SignAll Learn Lab. In February 2021, SignAll offered a sign language SDK for developers – a solution that integrates ASL recognition into apps or other software.


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