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It was two weeks ago on the 7th November, when SignAll has discovered a post on Facebook: the Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing has announced that a primary school pupil, Attila, is in need of a laptop.

He started to learn German a year ago as the only hard of hearing pupil in the class. To catch up with the others – or even outperform them – he needs to practice a lot at home, and the most efficient way is doing so with a computer.

SignAll has always promoted charity, and we were pleased that we can help when we came across the announcement. The decision was made at the very second: we surprise the boy with a laptop to support his studies.

Together with the Association and the boy’s school, the preparations have started. On the 22nd November we visited the school and waited eagerly in the headmistress’ office. Meanwhile, Attila suspected nothing about the surprise.

When he opened the door and came in, he was quite shocked, but, like a real gentleman, he welcomed everybody. When he learnt the reason for our visit, his shyness has gone and pure joy overtook its place.

His eyes and smile told us everything: with a little attentiveness and collaboration, we can help each other and provide opportunities for those in need.

In Attila, we got to know a very kind boy whose determination stands as an exmaple to many people. We would like to wish him success in his studies.

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