SignAll ASL system is of interest to an educational channel

Today we welcomed guests from the educational Hungarian Channel, MTVA. They first met SignAll at a start-up event, organized by one of our investors, and were captivated by the ASL Learn system. Now, they got a chance to visit our office to test the system and feature our technology!

To start, SignAll’s chief strategy officer Mihaly Pinter explained how SignAll’s ASL Learn Lab provides immediate feedback on a person’s signing to make learning ASL more effective and interactive. He then talked about the number of high schools, colleges, and universities throughout the USA which are already supplementing their ASL classes with this fun and easy-to-use technology. Afterwards, SignAll’s CEO Zsolt Robotka made an in-depth tour of the technology.

SignAll manager is  answering questions while being video recorded

Finally, our guests were able to test thesystem themselves. They had a 10-minute session to learn ASL fingerspelling and play ASL games. By fortunate coincidence, January 13th was the day of a major update to the user interface. Although a bit nerve-wracking to display the system’s new release on its first day, everything went better than expected!

TV reporter is practicing ASL using SignAll ASL learn system
“I liked learning ASL with the system. It was very interesting to find out about its history and capabilities, too”

- said editor and reporter of MTVA Gábor Hermann.

We at SignAll Technologies stand for transparency. We are happy to spread the word about our beloved “child” - the first interactive ASL learn system to supplement ASL classes.

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