Sign Language interfaces for apps and devices is now available thanks to SignAll SDK

SignAll, a technology that enables automated translation between American Sign Language (ASL)and English, is now available for developers. Starting from March 2021, SignAll SDK can be implemented in software or applications. The product enables sign language in the user interface.

The solution’s capacity is proportional to the camera setup. The simplest solution, like a smartphone app with a front facing camera, will enable fingerspelling recognition and the recognition of a limited set of signs. A multi-camera setup will provide an accurate, full-fledged translation of American Sign Language to any spoken language. Possible use cases vary. For a phone, this can be helpful for searching contacts’ names for launching calls or finding chats. The one-camera setup can be employed for ordering food in a fast-food restaurant’s kiosk. The Multi-camera setup extends functionality to enabling a chat between hearing and a d/Deaf interlocutor in sign language, inclusive for signing and fingerspelling. This offer can be used in welcome centers, client services points, etc.

“Letting developers embed our technology into their products is our way to scale and provide impact on a massive scale. We were looking forward to this day when our sign language SDK would be mature enough to become its own autonomous product.  Sharing the technology with developers is a rapid way to create more applications, gadgets and services accessible for the Deaf\HoH community and to enhance inclusion. The technology can unlock enhanced functionality for Deaf users, such as searching to order goods from online shops, setting an address in a food delivery app, or controlling your lights’ smart home devices in ASL. This is just the beginning.” –Zsolt Robotka, CEO at SignAll Technologies.

“Employment of Google MediaPipe widened the scope of usage for the unique technology. We also wanted to take advantage of the customization and scaling opportunities provided by the framework on multiple platforms. We decided to invest into making the technology sharable to other developers who would further employ it in a range of solutions and platforms,” adds David Retek, Chief Technology officer at SignAll Technologies.

SignAll is working on developing cutting-edge solutions for further improvement of accessibility for the d/Deaf/HoH community and approximate its mission to make sign language used on the same level as any spoken language.

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