President of Gallaudet visits SignAll

We haven’t even taken in the excitement caused by the much awaited WFD Conference, the next incitement followed right after the last day of the conference. Gallaudet University’s VIP delegation graced us with their visit at SignAll’s HQ in Budapest.

Roberta Cordano, President of Gallaudet, Genie Gertz, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences and Patrick Boudreault, Associate Professor at Gallaudet have announced before the conference that they would like to visit us in our office, for the first time since our partnership with the University was established. The whole SignAll team was very enthusiastic about meeting the delegation and welcomed them warmly.

In our office, the delegation tried out the SignAll system that was also installed at the WFD. They even took on our colorful and unique gloves, which are – at the current state of development – a part of the system. The gloves are currently important because the system recognizes signs and hand movements through the markers painted on the gloves. It should be noted here, that other aspects of sign language translation, like the recognition of facial expressions and the use of space, are not linked to the gloves.  In the future, when technology improves and better cameras will be available on the market, the system will be taught to recognize everything without the need to wear the gloves.

All three members of Gallaudet enjoyed the experience and affirmed their continued support at their campus with our data recording.

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