MBA Students Conduct "Global Market Entry" Research on SignAll

SignAll recently participated in a project in connection with both The Central European University (CEU) and the University of Birmingham.  MBA students investigated the potential of SignAll expanding into additional foreign markets. SignAll is currently headquartered in Hungary, and operating primarily in the U.S.

SignAll gladly accepted the opportunity to host a lecture and provide practical knowledge to the 20 international University of Birmingham MBA students studying in Budapest for the week.

On the first day of the seminar, the group visited SignAll´s office to gain a deeper understanding of the technological background, strategy and current operations. Also, the students watched a live demo of SignAll 1.0, which enables spontaneous communication between the Deaf and hearing.

The students learned about the underlying technology of the system such as Machine Learning, Computer Vision and AI. Additionally, the participants could test the newest project in development, the ASL Learning App. It aims to complement existing ASL education in schools and universities by allowing students to practice what they’ve learned, while providing real-time feedback.

At the end of the day, the group left with extensive knowledge about SignAll, a few ASL basics, and were prepared to analyze potential foreign markets. The MBA students were divided into 4 groups, with each group conducting research on specific geographic locations, covering potential opportunities and risks. Their preliminary findings were presented at the end of the week to SignAll´s Chief Strategy Officer, Mihály Pintér, who provided valuable feedback to the students.

Following their week in Budapest, the participants will have approximately one month to further research those areas of interest that might be compelling for SignAll, and to conclude their report.

The SignAll team is very excited to read the completed case study and looks forward to future collaborations with CEU and the University of Birmingham. The SignAll team sends their best wishes to each of the talented MBA participants, and hopes that their experience at SignAll contributes to their future success.

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