CEO of SignAll Technologies delivered a speech at the Microsoft Envision Forum

Zsolt Robotka, CEO of SignAll Technologies, gave a speech to over 600 business and IT decision makers about the impact of technology both today and in the future.

Before presentations from Head of Microsoft global sales, marketing and operations Jean-Philippe Courtois, and Executive Director of Microsoft Magyarország (Hungary) Christopher Mattheisen, Zsolt Robotka emphasized, "Not only do I believe, I know AI helps to level the playing field for everyone in our society by equalizing people with disabilities and able-bodied people. For instance, a visually impaired person is limited in their possibility to drive a car now. However, with the help of self-driving cars, they become just as capable as a sighted person, in this respect. I am happy to admit that our products are already making an impact, counterbalancing the situation of the shameful social exclusion of the d/Deaf. We do our best to offer an effective and convenient solution for the d\Deaf and hearing to communicate, making the world a better place for everyone.” The speech turned out to be inspirational for many attendees.

The SignAll booth attracted many people interested in the company's products. Both SignAll Chat, an automated translation system, and SignAll Learn, an application for learning ASL, were tested by visitors. Many guests, including several deaf Hungarian participants, enthusiastically shared their delight.“We are glad that SignAll helped our guests better understand the role of digital transformation and artificial intelligence in accessibility. All our guests highly rated the speech”, - added Emőke Sipos, Philantropy manager at Microsoft Magyarország.

Microsoft Envision tour is a worldwide event for senior business executives, which helps to unlock value through digital transformation. The Budapest event gathered 619 participants, which made it the second most visited event. Attendees highly rated both speeches and the content.

Find video report on Facebook. SignAll Chat and SignAll Learn

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