Balance between profit and social impact: SignAll inspire entrepreneurs

How to find a balance between profit and social responsibility? This week, Chief Strategy Officer of SignAll Mihaly Pinter gave a talk for MBA students. Pinter shared his perspective on how to make a successful business strategy for an assistive technology product. The talk for entrepreneurs was given at the department of Economics and Business of Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary.

Students asked questions mainly related to the pricing strategy and general business strategy for a product with a great social mission. “I appreciate an opportunity to meet with a new generation of people who will rule the business world in the near future. My mission was to inform them about the intersection between social impact and commercial success. I dare to believe that I could convey the message that social responsibility is a major feature of contemporary business which shows a tendency of strengthening. Therefore, I am glad I was invited to give a good example of this balance.

This meeting was enriching for me, too. Students’ questions not only allowed me to talk about SignAll’s unparalleled solution, but also to reflect more on how we build strategic processes and connections. I am very open to meet with the CEU cohort again. They are all keen and committed young entrepreneurs”, said Pinter.One of SignAll’s missions is to make society more inclusive and diverse by influencing a young generation of entrepreneurs and employees. Mihaly Pinter underlined the role of learning basic ASL for hearing people, as this not only goes along with inclusion of the d\Deaf to social interactions, but also promotes the Deaf culture for a wider audience. The SignAll team is open to invitations and meetings for producing new solutions far beyond the tech domain.

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