ASL teachers engage with SignAll at the ASLTA Conference

ASL teachers enthusiastically test SignAll’s brand new product, focused on ASL education at the ASLTA Conference. More than a hundred attendees visited SignAll’s testing unit during the conference, which has just concluded in San Diego, CA.

In conversations with booth attendants, ASL teachers address their concerns regarding a lack of students’ motivation to practice after class. In this regard, they acknowledge SignAll’s strong thread of entertainment  woven into every tutoring activity - games, lessons or tests. One of the major feedback items was an interest in customization opportunities for teachers including flexibility of the curriculum, setting up vocabulary, or adding a range of other individual preferences. SignAll has already sensed this expectation and is developing many of these features.

“Currently, SignAll has collected about 50 applications for the pilot installment of systems in educational organizations. We will select 2-3 applications and offer free testing of our equipment,”  

shares Derek Frank, ASL Expert and Trainer with SignAll, who presented the project at ASLTA.

“We were excited to see the sincere interest and willingness to contribute to the project. We will figure out possible formats of this cooperation and offer it to the contributors.”
“It is always a pleasure to meet the community, as there are so many lovely and encouraging people. It was heartwarming to meet our former employees. Among loved ones Tina Leonard, who is willing to come back to Budapest next summer, and Jade De La O, who worked on our project in our data recording lab at Gallaudet University,”

said Zsolt Robotka, SignAll CEO.

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