A new generation of business people learned about SignAll

A new generation of businesspeople learned about SignAll

We had the pleasure of hosting 20 bright-minded students and 2 professors from Texas McCombs M.S. in Technology Commercialization (MSTC) program in our Budapest office.

The day included 67 questions, 3 speakers, 1 presentation, and 1 demo. Some students also had the chance to practice their ASL with the SignAll Learn system. Overall, the 1.5 intense hours resulted in many good ideas for marketing and product development. SignAll's Chief Strategy Officer, Technology Officer and Marketing and Communications Manager did their best to convey the importance of inclusion and preservation of sign languages.

Students were equally interested in the technology, marketing, and business development of SignAll and its products. They brought up a couple of worthy ideas to further extend the application of SignAll Learn system. For instance, they see the potential of the system to be a tool for rehabilitating after physical injuries, for improving hands' fine motor skills. Many were inspired by the potential of the technology and suggested it for computer games or for the remote control of a range of devices.

In return, we were happy to spread the word about the contribution SignAll makes towards social inclusion for the Deaf by enabling instant communication between signers and non-signers. SignAll is a mission-driven company with a focus on disadvantaged groups and seeks to make society more inclusive and accessible. We are open to sharing our expertise and connecting with anyone who feels they could benefit from using our product!

23 people listen a presentation and take pictures
A CSO of SignAll presents to 20 students, standing  near a wide screen
A group of people are watching a SignAll Learn game on a wide screen
A woman is practiving signing with SignAll learn system
One man is practicing signing with SignAll system. Another one is taking pictures of the signer
Two men are smiling to a camera near a SignAll sytem. One of them is wearing bright colored gloves
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