A large team of SignAll participated at a conference in Dusseldorf

SignAll presented its innovative technology at the M-Enabling Europe. The event was special for SignAll as 14 team members traveled to Dusseldorf, Germany.  At the convention they had lively tete-a-tete discussions with potential partners and d\Deaf community representatives. Additionally, each one had an opportunity to introduce the SignAll solution at the booth.

“We cherished the idea of this kind of team-building for several months now. For us, this is a great chance to further unify our dedicated team of game-changers. This was a great advantage for the conference attendees, too. They got access to multiple and very diverse perspectives on the system from people, who usually are not at the forefront of communication, such as developers."

Zsolt Robotka, CEO, emphasized the unconventionality of the event.

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