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SignAll Learn Lab at Melmira

Melmira about our AI-based solution SignAll Learn Lab. Our expert openly addressed the uneasiness that many ASL teachers have when they learn about the SignAll ASL Learn system – will the AI still their jobs? Watch the video to get the answer!

Online ASL video library opens to everyone!

From September 16, SignAll’s ASL video library, SignAll Classroom, will be replaced by SignAll Online. The major difference is that it is now available for anyone who wants to learn ASL. Additionally, SignAll Online will include new features and functionality to be rolled out over the coming weeks.

Ask a deafie: About representation of the Deaf culture in mainstream media

We discussed whether representation of the deaf culture in media is rather harmful or advantageous for the Deaf community.

Technology for learning American Sign Language (ASL) in the classroom

For students who feel shy or awkward, interaction with the system makes feel more confident. They and others feel fascinated with it because the system contains games. It is very helpful because when it detects their signs, the students think, “Cool! I know this! I know this!”

Hungary achieves unique rights for the Deaf.

On July 3, 2020, all members of the Hungarian parliament voted to adopt changes to the current law regarding sign language for deaf Hungarians. This is a huge milestone in the 110+ years fight for change – an achievement secured through negotiations, pressure, and lobbying by the Hungarian Association of the Deaf and HoH.

Ask a Deafie: Clear Masks

A discussion about transparent medical masks which are friendly for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing has been trending in the mainstream media lately. While the reasons are self-evident for the Deaf community, my hearing friends keep asking me, “Why is that a big deal?” The majority of articles do not offer such arguments, so I want…