Educational Features

  • Sign Language Games, e.g. spaceman & memory
  • Programs designed for practicing signs and fingerspelling (letters A-Z and numbers)
  • Allows teachers to select vocabulary and preferred variation of a sign for students to practice, to directly support their teaching
  • Allows teachers to monitor the progress of students (practice time, number of successfully learned signs)
  • Can be used by hearing users to practice sign language vocabulary, or deaf users to learn additional signed languages. Currently being used to teach American Sign Language vocabulary.

How It Works

Lessons can consist of concepts, types of words or signs. For instance:


A-Z, Numbers


People, Objects, Places, Etc

Each lesson is broken up into three steps:

LEARN: An introduction to the signs

Flashcard are introduced to teach the handshapes for each letter.

PRACTICE: Using games and exercise

Students can test their memory by pairing a handshape with a corresponding letter.

Students practice handshapes by fingerspelling real words with real-time feedback.

QUIZ: Test your knowledge

At the end of the lesson, students test their knowledge with a quiz. A summary shows what the user still needs to work on.

Try SignAll in your classroom

SignAll is currently lookink for partnerships with organizations interested in benefitting from SignAll technology in return for providing feedback on the system. Benefits for teachers and students include:

  • Allows teachers to select vocabulary and preferred variations of a sign to support their teaching
  • Teachers can generate reports of students´ progress (practice time, number of successfully learned words)
  • Suitable for students of all ages
  • Provides real-time feedback when practicing sign

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