We translate sign language. Automatically.

SignAll is the leading developer of AI-driven solutions for unlimited and instant access to sign language translation.

A confident-looking young woman signing. A young man behind her looking confused
1:12 min
SignAll Chat presentation. Automated ASL translation system was installed at the Gallaudet University Welcome Center

SignAll Chat enables spontaneous communication between the Deaf and hearing

We use ASL-to-English translation technology to break down communication barriers and allow users to converse in their preferred language.
A conversation between a young guy who is signing and a young woman who is speaking, enabled by SignAll Chat system in the welcome center of Gallaudet university
The Deaf user

The Deaf user communicates freely in sign language

With the help of specialized cameras, the ASL signs are recognized and translated into written English, then displayed to the hearing user on a screen.

A hearing girl's perspective: a conversation with a guy who is signing in a welcome center of Gallaudet University
The hearing user

The hearing user communicates freely in English

Using automatic speech-to-text software, their words are picked up as they speak and displayed via text in real-time to the Deaf user on a screen.

Cameras are used to capture, analyze, and translate the core elements of sign language

SignAll is the only company with technology that can fully recognize sign language. We develop products that leverage A.I. and computer vision to recognize and translate sign language automatically.

Create a more inclusive future

SignAll Chat opens the door to a more diverse tomorrow by increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion among forward-thinking businesses and organizations.


Whether attracting new talent or supporting existing talent, empower your business with the tools needed to give employees confidence to communicate organically and naturally.


Join the ranks of other organizations attracting    Deaf customers and allies through their special attention to inclusivity, accessibility, and diversity.


Be a pioneer of accessible technology and set an example to other people and businesses around you. Show your community that the only way forward is through inclusion and accessibility for everyone.

“It’s great to see innovative technology being developed that could really transform the lives of sign language users... This provides a great baseline for automated sign language translation and we encourage developers to continue working on this concept in order to offer a truly inclusive experience for sign language users.”
Jesal Vishnuram
Action On Hearing Loss

ASL to English translation, suited to your needs

SignAll Chat enables Deaf employees or clientele to use sign language for routine communication with hearing users.

Hotel Reception

Checking in to a hotel room or asking/answering questions about the visit.


Locating a book or offering/using other available services.


Giving/receiving recommendations, directions, and other useful information for students.


Removing barriers for hearing and Deaf colleagues to communicate with each other.


Checking out at the register or helping others locate specific items in the store.


Greeting patrons, buying/selling tickets, or asking/answering questions about the exhibits.