People with disabilities

A burning question: How financially impactful disabled community is?

In a report, published a few weeks ago, research on the size and score of the disability market revealed an unimaginable number. 1,85 billion of Earth population are people with disabilities (PWD). Researchers compare the population of PWD to the Chinese. If to include their families and friends – consumers who make purchasing decisions with emotional connection to PWD – they control 13 trillion US dollar disposable income. In light of this, it is obvious that accessible companies win the market.

Jesada Pua, ASL expert

Ask a Deafie: Clear Masks

A discussion about transparent medical masks which are friendly for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing has been trending in the mainstream media lately. While the reasons are self-evident for the Deaf community, my hearing friends keep asking me, “Why is that a big deal?” The majority of articles do not offer such arguments, so I want…