Hungary achieves unique rights for the Deaf.

On July 3, 2020, all members of the Hungarian parliament voted to adopt changes to the current law regarding sign language for deaf Hungarians. This is a huge milestone in the 110+ years fight for change – an achievement secured through negotiations, pressure, and lobbying by the Hungarian Association of the Deaf and HoH.

Zsolt Robotka, CEO SignAll gives interview to two man

CEO of SignAll Technologies delivered a speech at the Microsoft Envision Forum.

Zsolt Robotka, CEO of SignAll Technologies, gave a speech to over 600 business and IT decision makers about the impact of technology both today and in the future. Before presentations from Head of Microsoft global sales, marketing and operations Jean-Philippe Courtois, and Executive Director of Microsoft Magyarország (Hungary) Christopher Mattheisen, Zsolt Robotka emphasized, “Not only…

A female and a POC male persons carry a CESA award

SignAll is acknowledged as the Best Health Tech Startup

SignAll was acknowledged as the Best Health Tech Startup by the Central European Startup Awards. The decision was made, based on SignAll’s demonstrated “development over the last year based on growth, innovation and impact by developing solutions, methods and/ or products that target life sciences.” (CESA) We appreciate the acknowledgement and want to share it…