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Test your ASL progress at SignAll Online

New and exciting update! Learn and test your ASL progress at SignAll Online! Nothing short of a holiday present to users, at the very beginning of 2021, the SignAll team released a quiz feature that reviews all available ASL units. The quiz will test only the signs that were covered during the last lesson. After…

A girl signing "deaf" using interactive SignAll Learn Lab

SignAll teaches Deutsche Telecom American Sign Language

In December, SignAll Learn Lab was launched in an office of Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions (DT-ITS). The system will be used for teaching American Sign Language (ASL) to employees in the company’s Budapest office. The 12-month contract includes a license to the ASL Learn software and is complemented by courses and training on ASL and Deaf culture. These courses are to be offered by Deaf team member of SignAll Technologies and Deaf rights advocate Jesada Pua.

Hungary achieves unique rights for the Deaf.

On July 3, 2020, all members of the Hungarian parliament voted to adopt changes to the current law regarding sign language for deaf Hungarians. This is a huge milestone in the 110+ years fight for change – an achievement secured through negotiations, pressure, and lobbying by the Hungarian Association of the Deaf and HoH.

Infographic with diagram and names of schools that have registered

SignAll Learn Online shows impressive results

The first three days brought more than 200 users to SignAll Learn Online – an ASL video library, which was launched in response to the increase in remote schooling. So much interest proves there is a high demand for relevant and reliable online teaching tools. ASL teachers are particularly encouraged to register: the content is…