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Introducing SignAll

SignAll is pioneering the first automated sign language translation solution, based on computer vision and natural language processing (NLP), to enable everyday communication between people with normal and impaired hearing. The SignAll prototype is currently able to translate part of an ASL user’s vocabulary. According to research professionals and leading tech companies, SignAll is the best automatic sign language translation system available worldwide. We believe that the boundaries between hearing and hearing impaired people can be removed by technology. We are working for a world where the hearing impaired can communicate with other people spontaneously and effectively - anytime, anywhere.

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100,000,000 people

Over 100 million people - more than 1% of the world’s population - are unable to hear. Being deaf from birth or childhood, many of these people use sign language as their primary form of communication.

There are about 300 sign languages around the world. One of the most common of these is American Sign Language (ASL). More than 500,000 people use ASL in the US alone, and millions more use it worldwide.

Most hearing people don’t know that people born deaf also find it difficult to express themselves in writing. They usually need the help of an interpreter even to run a simple errand, which would be quick and easy for an unimpaired person.

Background map: Areas where ASL or its dialect/derivative is the national sign language or is used alongside another sign language. (Source:Wikipedia)

Sign-to-Text Technology


Stop by the place you want, whether it's a bank or a visit at the doctor!


Sign what you need at the front desk, using SignAll!


The translation appears on the computer

  • The Prototype

    The prototype uses 3 ordinary web cameras, 1 depth sensor and an average PC.

    The depth sensor is placed in front of the sign language user at chest height and the cameras are placed around them. This allows the shape and the path of the hands and gestures to be tracked continuously. The PC syncs up and processes the images taken from different angles in real-time.

    Having identified the signs from the images, a natural language processing module transforms the signs into grammatically correct, fully formed sentences. This enables communication by making sign language understandable to everyone.

    The prototype has a modular construction, which allows components to be replaced as technology improves. This means that SignAll will be become faster, smaller and even more accurate over time.

    Insight into SignAll's Complexity

    Most people think that sign language is just about different hand movements. Sign language is actually much more complex than that.

    Research has shown that fully automated sign language recognition requires a solution that combines all of the important factors. That is why - according to computer vision experts - the automated interpretation of sign language is one of the biggest challenges for technology.

    Sign language has many different aspects that are combined to convey the intended meaning. These are:

  • Shape

    The shape of the hands


    The movement of the arms and hands


    The place of the articulation

  • Pose

    The posture of the body


    Facial expressions


    The rhythm and speed of signing

About us

SignAll spun off from the research lab of Dolphio Technologies, one of the most successful technology companies in Central and Eastern Europe. Our unique dream team of fifteen experienced researchers gained more than 100 years’ of experience together in the field of computer vision and natural language processing. After closing a seed investment round of EUR 1.5 million from an international consortia SignAll’s enthusiastic team is on it’s way to provide a technology that can improve the life of the deaf community.

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The Team

  • Zsolt Robotka

    Zsolt Robotka

    A mathematician specialized in computer vision, Zsolt Robotka is SignAll’s co-founder and CEO. Mr. Robotka also founded Dolphio Technologies, together with János Rovnyai.

    János Rovnyai

    János Rovnyai

    An economist, passionate entrepreneur and the co-founder of SignAll and Dolphio Technologies. Mr. Rovnyai is the CEO of Dolphio and He supports SignAll’s financial management.

    Nóra Szeles

    Nóra Szeles

    Nóra Szeles has an MBA from Purdue University (US) and is a qualified economist. She is responsible for managing the international expansion of the business. Ms. Szeles has 15 years of experience in business development. She joined the team in 2013.

  • Gergely Csépai

    Dávid Retek

    An applied mathematician specialized in data mining. He is a senior data scientist at SignAll.

    Gergely Csépai

    Márton Kajtár

    Mathematician, with 10+ years experience in computer vision, ASL user and fanatical problem solver.

    Team Member

    Milad Vafaeifard

    We are proud to have Milad, Our deaf developer in our team. He motivates us to fulfill our mission all the time.

  • László Nagy

    László Nagy

    As an economist he gained his professional experience as senior financial manager of several R&D projects. Laszlo Nagy is the CFO of SignAll Technologies.

    András Szeicz

    András Szeicz

    The marketing and PR manager of SignAll. Beside marketing planning he is responsible for website developing and designing and also for Soical Media, PR and PPC campaings. As a graudated journalist his role consist tasks like content production too.

    Team Member

    It can be your photo

    Come and join us to work on the most exciting, groundbreaking project! If you are interested in R&D or Marketing, drop us a line! We also have a great internship program for ASL users, check it below!

Open positions

  • NLP

    NLP Researcher


    Research and development professional


    Internship for ASL Users

    Latest news

  • Meet SignAll at M-Enabling Summit in Washington, DC

    Come and meet SignAll at the annual M-Enabling Summit in Washington, DC on 13-14 June 2016, where the most cutting edge technology providers gather to present their hottest ideas and innovations. The theme of this year’s summit is very exciting for us, as it fully covers our project: „Accessible Technologies and Environments for All”.

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    Internship for ASL users

    Come and join us in the most exciting city, Budapest, to work on the most exciting, groundbreaking project! We provide salary and a place for living in Budapest for the minimum duration is 6 months. Drop us a line!

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    Beaking news

    Budapest based startup SignAll Inc. received one and a half million Euros from an international association of venture capitalists to finalize its software that automates the interpretation between Deaf people using American Sign Language (ASL) and the those who can hear. The startup, spun off by Dolphio Technologies, a Hungarian R&D House and ICT service provider, has held the attention of technology investors since the LT-Innovate Awards in Brussels last year.

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